Barrister Profile  

Chris Larkin Call: 2017
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Housing
  • Local Government
  • Public Access
  • Public Law
  • Regulatory


Chris joined Chambers in 2017 and accepts instructions in all of Chambers’ core practice areas. Before joining the Bar, he was a Solicitor for seven years (from 2010) and a High Court Advocate for six years (from 2011).

He has acted for individuals and organisations throughout England and Wales from both the Public and Private sectors.

Chris has experience in undertaking all levels of work – from straightforward possession matters through to complex multiple-defendant injunctions and fraud matters.

He is noted for his careful approach and attention to detail as well as being commended by clients for his ease of communication and accessibility.

He is keen to develop his practice in all areas of Chambers’ work.

Areas of Practice


Chris has a practice that covers all areas of Housing Law. This includes possession matters, unlawful evictions, trespass, succession, tenancy agreements and policies, disrepair, homelessness and tenancy enforcement.

As part of this practice, he regularly advises and represents on complex matters involving Capacity and Equality Act 2010 issues as well as Public Law arguments which form a major part of modern day housing law.

He advises and acts in respect of injunctions and committals involving both individual and multiple defendants in respect of adults and youths.

He regularly appears in the County, Magistrates and Youth Courts on matters including multiple day trials.

He has represented landlords in disrepair matters and resisted urgent applications for injunctions made against them.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Chris acts and advises on the whole spectrum of anti-social behaviour cases. This has included low level nuisance matters through to cases involving serious violence and high level drugs matters.

He is instructed on multiple-defendant matters and gang injunctions and has much experience of dealing with large numbers of witnesses.

His practice includes advising on how to tackle behaviour in the context and background of Capacity issues and allegations of disability discrimination. Chris regularly acts in respect of these cases and is noted for his sensitive yet robust approach.

Local Government

Chris has advised and acted for Local Authorities on a wide range of issues and accepts instructions in respect of this work. He continues to develop his practice in this area.

Public Law

This area of law forms a major and key part of all aspects of Chris’ practice.

He regularly advises and acts in this regard and continues to develop his practice in this area.


Chris’ practice covers a wide range of regulatory matters. He advises and acts in respect of matters including tenancy deposits, HMO licensing, Closure Orders and Tenancy Fraud.

He has a special interest in Closure Orders and Social Housing Fraud matters. He has dealt with a number of high profile cases for Local Authorities and Social Landlords.

He has successfully obtained specific disclosure of crucial documentation in support of possession claims in tenancy fraud matters and worked closely on cases where significant unlawful profit and costs orders were made.

Chris has successfully obtained partial and full closure orders in matters involving serious criminality and cases where there are complex family and children situations.

Public Access


Chris develops and delivers training for individuals and groups. He welcomes requests for training in all areas of his practice and will work to offer a bespoke programme depending on needs and requirements.

He is noted for his informative yet engaging approach to training. He is commended for his interactive style which allows attendees to take part and understand more.