Public Access  

Public Access

What is Public Access?

Public Access enables anyone to go directly to a barrister without having to involve anyone else (e.g. a solicitor). The barrister’s role remains essentially the same as when they are approached by a solicitor or another intermediary.

As the barrister’s role is unchanged there are limits on the type of work that a barrister can do, and there will therefore still be some cases and situations in which you will need to instruct a solicitor or another intermediary as well as a barrister. For many cases, however, the public access scheme allows you to go directly to the expert barrister for advice, representation and drafting.

What are the benefits of using the Public Access scheme?

The main advantage of the Public Access scheme is that in certain circumstances it is now possible for barristers to accept work directly from members of the public, organisations and commercial companies without incurring the additional expense of a solicitor. Using a barrister directly will save a significant amount of money and you can instruct a specialist barrister. This whole process is not only cost effective but quite often a quicker process.

The full details of the Bar Council’s Public Access scheme can be found on its website at: All barristers who accept work under the Public Access scheme at Arden Chambers are licensed to do so by the Bar Council and operate under the BSB Handbook, and under the Public Access Rules.

If you are interested in engaging one of our barristers who is qualified to provide services via the Public Access scheme please contact our who will provide you with a Barrister Public Access Form to complete. Once the form is received a member of the Public Access team will assess your matter to ensure your case is appropriate for Public Access. The barrister suggested will be based on the area of law, complexity, value of the claim and any budgetary requirements. We will then arrange a free 30 minute consultation with the suggested barrister.

Our clerks are trained in managing Public Access instructions, experienced in recommending barristers with the relevant expertise to assist you and will ensure that matters are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

If you have any queries or require further information, please feel free to email  or telephone .

Services provided by members of Chambers under the Public Access scheme are, unless otherwise agreed, provided by them as individuals.


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