Alternative Dispute Resolution  

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Members of Arden Chambers are both trained mediators and experienced in providing legal services for people and organisations involved in the mediation process. We are committed to using mediation, where appropriate, as a real and effective alternative to litigation.

Mediation provides a quick, confidential and cost effective way of resolving disputes without trial, allowing the parties to remain in control of the process and to address any issues outside the narrow scope of litigation.

Arden Chambers offers each of the following Mediation Services:

  • the provision of impartial mediators with the skills and expert knowledge to facilitate the negotiation and settlement of disputes without the cost, delay and complications of legal proceedings;
  • convenient premises and facilities for hosting mediations;
  • advocacy and advice on behalf of clients at mediation proceedings.

We are registered members of the Civil Mediation Council and the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates.

For further information please contact one of our dedicated Mediation Clerks on or .


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