About Us  

We are a modern and forward-thinking team of barristers, providing specialist advocacy, advisory and mediation services in housing, property, local government and public law (including equalities and human rights). Our highly specialist team has long been recognised for its unrivalled expertise and experience across our practice areas.

We work with clients throughout England and Wales, and believe in providing our services to anyone who needs them, whether they be individuals, local or other public authorities, social housing providers or private landlords, third sector organisations or corporate bodies. Our experience in working with clients on different sides of disputes enables us to be more effective in anticipating how they may develop, minimising risk and helping achieve the best possible outcome.

We are happy to accept public and licensed access instructions direct from lay or professional clients. Our dedicated staffing team works closely with our clients, responding quickly and efficiently and providing valuable support.

Andrew Arden QC founded chambers in 1993 with four of our current members. He is renowned for his continuing leadership, legal expertise and extensive and authoritative publications in housing and local government. Details of his current practice highlights, and publications, are set out here.

Information about all of our current members, their practices, publications and contact details, can be found here.

For us, specialism is vital and means not just a detailed understanding of the law in our areas, but also

  • close familiarity with the practical issues faced by our clients and their needs and objectives
  • wide experience of looking at problems from the differing perspectives of different clients
  • being at the leading edge of legal developments
  • delivering expert, creative, focused and cost-effective solutions
  • extensive writing and training on the law in our areas
  • commitment to the principles of equality and diversity.